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Why subscribe to MSC Membership? 

We are delighted to welcome new and old members to our small community based sailing club on Irelands beautiful west coast. MSC is now firmly established since 1963. It is a strongly held belief here that new members bring new Ideas, Skills and Life force to our local volunteer community of passionate sailors. Our club is all about raising awareness of sailing locally and improving access to the water for all children and adults.

What will membership at MSC do for you and your family ?

  1.  New members will enjoy our clubs friendly atmosphere created by our children and volunteer members, all keen to promote all things nautical and sea orientated. However there is no obligation to be a sailor.
  2. If you are inclined to sail but lack in experience, we run adult sailing courses in the summer at a discounted price for members.
  3. Membership offers reduced sailing courses for each child of €20 per course and reduces Wed/Sun racing evenings, from €15 to €5 for members.
  4. Club house facilities can be used by members free of charge for the holding of different events as diverse as table quizzes to the exchange of marriage vows.
  5. Our club house is regularly used by members to facilitate all kinds of training courses from power boat tuition to yoga.
  6. Club cruiser racing is held every Saturday throughout the summer season. Many skippers welcome crew to help with Saturday evening racing. New members are very welcome to participate in cruiser sailing which helps them hone their skills and gaining cruising and racing experience. 
  7. Members also have the ability to use the club's cruiser.

So you see membership of our local sailing club benefits you the member and also provides much needed funding to help with the continuing maintenance/ insurance and General up keep of our Club house / Boats and Grounds.


Individual, Family, Junior, Senior, Associate & Overseas membership available. New members are very welcome.

Individual membership
Over 19 at January 1st of current year


Family membership
Partners and children (under 21)


Junior - age 8-18 or under 23 in full timee ducation


Senior - over 65 yrs


Overseas *    No course discount applicable


Already a member?
Subscriptions apply for the calendar year starting in January each year and must be paid by the end of April. Discounts for members apply as follows:
Wednesday/Sunday sailing 75%
Junior Regatta 25% 
Junior sailing courses - €20 discount per course, per child
Adult sailing courses - €20 discount per course, per adult
Onshore Training courses ( VHF, First Aid, Power boat, etc.) - 10%
Cruiser Regatta - 25%

Hazel Boles - 086 608 5625

Must I have a sailing qualification to join MSC? 
No. You don't need any sailing qualifications to join MSC. We have many courses on offer.

Do I need to own a boat to join MSC?
No, it is preferable but not essential. Member are encouraged to source their own boats. If you are crewing for a member, planning to buy a boat or can arrange to sail a member's boat, you are welcome to join.


As a member of the ISA you are eligible for discounts from certain retailers see Benefits of ISA